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2019 Halloween Diary: E-angels, Kiko Mizuhara Birthday Bash, Kuromi x My Melody

Hello my spoopy angels!

Today I'm going to be reminiscing on some of last year's Halloween events

Reunited with my gals! Yuyu & Haru came to visit Japan around this time and we got to celebrate Halloween and Yuyu's birthday together. Yuyu streamed on her birthday as we came to do funny Purikura and uwu Karaoke

I also wanna take this moment to say how I'm so thankful for how the internet can connect you to people this way. I never would have thought to meet my online friends, coming from the PH, it's not really a place where a lot of people come visit all the time. Moving to Japan really made my world a whole lot bigger and gave me so many opportunities I couldn't even imagine growing up(/。\)

Me & Aless wrecking sh*t up! Gemini style✨ as usual

That day, I did a last-minute Angel-inspired look

As the night continued, we ended up crashing back to my place and watched a few spoopy films! Yuyu & Haru eventually fell asleep as the Geminis (aka me & aless xd) stayed up watching the most stupid chaotic things like the whole bee movie but every time they say "bee" the movie gets faster. We were drunk Geminis ok! LOL

Kiko Mizuhara 2019 Halloween Birthday Party

On another Halloween night, I went to my favorite idol's Halloween x Birthday bash. I came with my friend Armaine and I had such a blast ?? despite it being a school night, it was all so worth it. The party was so much fun and seeing Kiko and friends made the night so wonderful!

I love her so so much

I did a last-minute outfit inspired by Alice Ayres from Closer (2004), one of my favorite films!!

"Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off."

"And everyone loves a big, fat lie."

Where is this love? I can't see it, I can't touch it. I can't feel it. I can hear it. I can hear some words, but I can't do anything with your easy words.

My Melody x Kuromi Halloween

For Halloween night, Abe & I planned to be Kuromi x My Melody, which is pretty much dressing up as ourselves anyway but with the ears!

Last year's Halloween was such a blast. Every year I'm always excited about this time of the year. Although this year may not be as exciting (due to cowona and all;;;), it will definitely not stop me from having fun with whatever I can

Happy Halloween!


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