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One strange 420 night, me & my friend were bored out of our wits. We decided to head to a quaint & kawaii cafe in the heart of Koenji.

I’ve honestly been wanting to go here for a while now and never got the chance to, happy to say it didn’t disappoint! If you’re into retro video games & hookah, you might fall in love with this place too. Read more if you’re curious~

In this place, the only menu is a Sisha full of different kinds of flavours. You can also choose to mix two flavours at the same time! I don’t remember what we got, perhaps Strawberry x Vanilla?

A few smol Japanese snacks/candy is provided for free as well, and also a nomihoudai (all you can drink) drinks that were provided from the fridge.

Since the food/drinks are really limited, you can also bring your own from outside!

We chose the table with Nintendo Super Famicom. It had several nostalgic games to play that were quite fun 👾

thank you for reading 💜


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