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A Mermaid’s Tale at Coron, Palawan

First! Let’s start this diary by shuffling a song:

and begin–

I went back to the Philippines during my spring break! During that time, my family & I got the chance to visit Palawan, a province with enchanting beaches. For someone who isn’t a big fan of swimming, this is saying something when I say this is my ultimate beach getaway.

Swimsuit – Chuu / Milk Club

The best part about this private island is that there!!! aRE!! D O G S!!!!

It’s a whole family of dogs!! and a cute cat which I never got the chance to take a photo with ;-;

The view from my tent. Each one of us had their own little tens since there was only one hut and there were too many of us!


Sun-kissed Lolita 🌤

Swimsuit – Bubbles

THERE WAS AN ICE CREAM BOAT!!!!!!! and yES!! it played the tune!!!

The food was so delicious, I missed food like this so much.

Everything was too magical. I felt like a full-time mermaid (instead of my usual part-time lol)

I’d do it again, and kiss the sun all I can for you, Palawan~

Thanks for swimming with me~!


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