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A Sanrio Puroland Birthday

sanrio puroland

On my birthday, I headed to one of the dreamiest amusement parks in Tokyo: Sanrio Puroland 💫

If you’re in love with cuteness and Sanrio as much as I do, then you might want to check out this diary entry(^ω^)

Warning: Photo-heavy Post!

Stepping out of the train, we were already greeted by lovely Sanrio Characters here and there.

Welcome to Puroland! ✨

The first character to greet us inside was Gudetama. Hey Gudetama-chan, how’s it hanging? 笑

For my late lunch, I had (literal) Cinnamon Rolls and an Espresso Caramel Latte.

Yummy 💞

I wanted to cry, these two were my favourite characters.

Giraffe!! 😍 Lol I have a thing for seeing giraffes.

Ahh~ What I’d do to own such super cute kitchen utensils. I’ll have a lot more motivation to experiment more in the kitchen as well~

This is a bit creepy, peeping on sleeping Kiki & Lala but LOL I’ll take it

I wanted everything *-*

Lady Kitty’s Mansion!

Outfit Details

Dress – Dolly Kate

Harness – Milk Club

Socks – Milk Club

Shoes – Mon Lily

Baby Pin – Rosemarie Seoir

Powder puff bun 🍓

Mmmmm…. A nice hot bath…

Ahoy there! LOL (´ε`*)

A Tea Ceromony with Hello Kitty-san

This bed is amazeballs. There’s a screen on the ceiling! It would be so great to play video games here.

So much… cute stuff…. ( ꒪﹃ ꒪)

My friend’s dinner!

My dinner~

Eventually, night fell and the park was about to close. People started to leave Sanrio Puroland.

When I got home, my aunt surprised me with these cute birthday cake slices! She’s so sweet and the cakes were quite delicious(ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

A happy birthday indeed.

Thanks so much for reading!

Naomi Nikola 💘

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