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A trip to Nagano: Snow Monkeys, Onsen & Skiing!

My family & I took the train to Nagano for a small springbreak trip this year! It was a little right after my 1st year Fashion Show. We figured we needed a break from the busy city life, and what better way to spend it than to hit the hot springs (`・ω・´)”

Good morning doggoss~ Have I introduced these two cuties yet? Their names are Jack (Dark Brown) and King (Beige), they're my aunt's beloved sons. We sleptover the night before heading off to Nagano. Aren't they the cutest? Don't be fooled though, cause they can be little devils ∩( ・ω・)∩ especially King!

To get to our Ryokan and Jigokudani, we had to hike up a mountain. On the right is where we spent our nights. It was a quaint old Japanese house owned by a pleasant family. Complete with several old hot springs, amazing food and traditional Japanese games!

The view from our room:

Today's Look

Kimono Jacket - Hoyajuku Macaronic

Sweater - Swankiss

Skirt - Thrifted at Flamingo

Bag - Hoyajuku Macaronic

Beret - Lazy Oaf

Shoes - Comme des Garcons

Why hello there~ this one really loved the attention he was getting!

I was super happy seeing all these lil monkeys bathe and be happy!!

At the end of the day, we dipped in the hot springs.

Dinner was splendid and I got to play Shogi for the first time!

Day 2

Today is Skiing day! It was my first time and I was super excited

I wasn't able to choose the equipment we rented out, but I really loved what I got anyways!!

My dad and lil' brother just being all excited

Inner Sweater - Gap

Outer - Thrifted at Kinji Clothing

skirt - Thrifted at Flamingo

Necklace - Milk Club

Bag - WC Harajuku x Estherlovesyou

Socks - Milk Club

So that's all for this post~ Hope you guys like it!

Thanks for tagging along this adventure with me!


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