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A Winter Sanrio Mukbang!

cute kawaii Cherry hello kitty sanrio pixel flan big pixels | Pixel art, Kawaii, Hello kitty

A photo diary Egg & Spuma’s Sanrio Winter Pop-up ♡

The first time I dropped by for Egg & Spuma’s Special sanrio pop-up last winter was a major fail! Me & Aless unfortunately came by too late and missed the last order 😢

tag urslef as @naominikola having a breakdown in a themed kiki and lala sanrio cafe — ♡ aless!! ♡ (@a1es5andra) November 30, 2019

We did get to catch the last order for drinks though so it wasn’t all that bad 💓

This is also probably the last time I saw Aless again since she moved back to Singapore soon after 😢 Really miss this gemini baby!!

The week after, I got the chance to come by the cafe again but this time with Cassia 💘

After our Sanrio mukbang, we got to watch Frozen 2 on cinemas! It was hilarious and I’m so glad I got to watch it with her (✿◠‿◠)

We gave ourselves a Christmas treat and ordered almost everything from the Sanrio menu! 💖

winter sanrio mukbang date with cassia in tokyo ♡ #sanriogirl #sanriocore #fyp #kawaiicore

What a fun night 💓


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