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As If!

Musings on style icons, aesthetics & trynna be fabulous in general ~

For this coordinate, I was inspired by one of my favourite style icons in the film: Clueless (1995). It’s no secret that my styles tend to vary. From sweet to dark, neo-girly to vintage. I dislike being cut down into one set of style. The freedom of mixing together different styles together gives me love and it makes me very happy. I guess that could also explain how my aesthetics are all over the place(´・ω・`)

Style Icons

Cher (Clueless, 1995), Dolores Haze (Lolita, 1997), Fernanda Ly (warukatta), Mathilda (Leon: The Professional, 1994), Teresa Liow (dollymilk), AMO, Etsuna Otsuka, Saaya Hayashida (Swankiss producer) 💖



Top: NADIA Pants: NADIA Shoes: Topshop

Hat: Yoins* Choker: Paris Kids Bag: Chanel



Who are your style icons? let me know where you get your inspirations! I’d love to know c:




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