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Baby Love (23 Facts About Me!)

“Who were you before your mother was born?”

This philosophy immensely stuck to me throughout the years. Who are you beyond your given name, position, and every title that was given to you? Do you have a strong sense of who you really are as a person?

It’s been another year since I did another fact post! It may not answer the first existential question completely, but it’s nice to reflect on these parts of me that helped me with how I am today~

  1. I’ve always been intrigued with learning about Philosophy. No, I don’t mean just the personal, inspirational ones. The different studies of Philosophies in general!

  2. My room used to be filled with so much classics as a child. I didn’t enjoy much of YA books, instead I  stuck to poems from Emily Dickinson, stories from Grimm Brothers and even countless books of Mythology.

  3. Additionally, I used to be a bigger Astrology nerd so a part of my bookshelf was dedicated to that as a kid.

  4. When the internet was a lot simpler to comprehend, I accidentally hacked a website. Me & a group of my other programming friends messed with a renowned kid’s website+forum. Don’t think I should name what site, though it was pretty funny! We were a bunch of 10 year old kids with a hefty knowledge when it comes to hacking & programming, so what do we do? Troll a kid’s site by replacing certain texts with random funny words, putting cute cartoon poop photos and called it ahrt. We even had a group of name for ourselves which forums used to talk about in caution, as if we were a bunch of grown masterminds. Nah dude, it was a boring summer week and it was too hot to play outside.

  5.  My typing speed is 168/wpm (at best) and ranked #1 at a certain arcade in Akiba a few years back for Typo of the dead. Let me be proud of that moment(o´ω`o)

  6. Almost everything I own is cute & pink since I was younger. Every first day in a new school, my peers used to be surprised as I withdraw all the things from my bag. From my bunny pencil cases, to my pretty pink hello kitty lunchboxes. I felt like the coolest kid in the block!! Even though I never talked lol

  7. If other girls had Cardcaptor & Sailor Moon as their childhood shoujo anime, mine was Mermaid Melody.

  8. I am terribly shy and have really bad social anxiety. But!! When you get to know me, I’m really, really goofy and stupid!! My friends are probably annoyed with me by now lol

  9. I’ve dedicated a big chunk of my childhood life to gaming+computers in general and it is both a blessing and a curse. My eyesight and posture has suffered because of this. My prescription over -3.00 now while I was diagnosed with mild scoliosis.

  10. Around the ages of 3-9, I painted and drew a lot. The strange thing is, the setting was always the same. A swing tied with vines on a tree, overlooking a well. It had always been the same, looking back now it did have a sorrowful and eerie vibe to it.

  11. Before seriously blogging, I’ve experimented by programming different websites for different purposes at around 11-15yo. I made a flash game website, forums, online stores and the likes with my own ports and servers. I don’t remember where they are now but it’s probably all gone.

  12. I think my strive to do online business gave birth in Neopets. Remember the old trading places and stores you could make? Yeah, I lived for that.

  13. My sense of humour is very morbid. Memey, meta cringy or just dumb.

  14. Dreams for me can get quite vivid, and more-so strange. It would have countless backstories, plot twists to the point that I’d wake up with a headache and feeling like I never slept!

  15. My voice is naturally high, but gets deeper the more I’m comfortable/close with you.

  16. I am in love with gore + thriller movies. Horror films are alright, but if there are ghosts involved I will not be able to sleep for months. No kidding.

  17. I enjoy political, philosophical & meaningful discussions. I’m always curious of other people’s views and enjoy doing debates!

  18. Don’t make me watch a movie where an animal dies. Not even for 5 seconds. I will cry. so much. I will also never talk to you again


  20. I never get to talk about this, but I’ve been an avid Marvel fan since I was a kid. I have a bunch of Encyclopedia of my favourite superheroes (F LEX) and used to collect some of their comics as well. I also really enjoy certain marvel films to the point I always go to the premieres if I get the chance to!

  21. I could drive a motorcycle better than I could drive an actual car lol crying

  22. It’s quite obvious when I cry, and I cry a lot so fml

  23. My family calls me by my nickname ‘Omi’. But a lot of my friends call me Nao, Nao-chan or Naomeoww, too!

Top – Party Cat Clothing*

Skirt – Barrack Room

Choker – WC Harajuku

Headband – Nadia

 Some 2018 birthday pics I missed to share!

A post shared by 𝙉𝓪𝖔m̶ḯ̷̢ͅ ♡ (@naomeoww) on Jun 28, 2018 at 7:50am PDT

私のバースデーパーティーに来てくれてありがとうございました (* ´ ˘ ` *)💗 すごく楽しかったですよ。 皆の笑顔を見ると本当に嬉しくなりました。そして、素敵なプレゼントをくれてありがとう〜(#/。\#) 感謝の気持ちで一杯です。 また@SugoiKawaii_AKBに遊びに来てね!。◕ ‿ ◕。 — Nomia (@Nomia_SugoKawa) June 12, 2018

Thank you for reading 💕 Happy 2019!


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