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Babycat’s Nudes

My baby decided to jumped to my light box to grace my photoshoot session!

Look at this cutie!

Leo is my babycat and one of my main reasons for living. He is a clever, soft, and sensitive British Shorthair who loves naps and attention quite a bunch.

He also has his own cat gang in my village, he is now the leader of that group (courtesy of his rebel phase) and hangs out with them every once in a while.

With humans, he’s quite the socialite! He knows what he wants and no one can resist him 💦 He’s very vocal and will make you follow him, or reply to you when you ask him a question or call his name (when he feels like it).

I love this cat so much. Despite his tough and annoyed demeanour most of the time, he’s actually quite a softie and loves getting attention at all costs! When you gain his trust, he’ll sleep on/beside you and will be very talkative and gentle.

Thanks for the photoshoot session cutie! xx


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