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Beauty Care Routine

Hey dolls! Today I’ll be sharing some secrets that I’ve always, always, always(!!!) been asked about online. Yup, my beauty skin care routine (っ´ω`c) This is not a foolproof thing for anyone and is just a set that has just worked best for me so far. So if you’re curious, keep goin’~!

My skin type is a combination + my skin is also sensitive. Because of this it’s always been quite difficult for me to find the right products. Finally I’ve found some stuff that has worked well with me so far~

These three products were my life saver. The day after using them I already saw stunning results. It claims to keep your skin soft, bright, and prevents acne too. There are a bunch of other ones but those three were the results I saw right away.

In the Morning

  1. I splash my face with some cold water. This is said to circulate the blood flow on your face better. Plus it makes my face feel fresher and more prepped up for the day!

  2. When I feel that my face is a bit oily than usual, I foam up Sekkisei’s Milky Face Wash and glide it across my face. If not I skip this step!

  3. After rinsing everything, I pour some of Sekkisei’s Medicated Lotion on my palm then I lightly pat it all around my face.

  4. I lightly dry my face with a facial tissue then continue by patting some of Yumei’s Anti-Puffiness & Dark Circles B-Tox Eye Treatment under my eyes with my ring finger.

  5. I top everything off with Sekkisei’s Medicated Emulsion. If it’s a colder season, I put in a moisturizing gel afterwards but as it’s summer at the moment I leave things light and easy.

  6. Sliding in some moisturizing lip balm around my lips~ What I’m using right now is DHC’s Medicated Lip Balm (Tinkerbell Edition).

  7. Don’t forget the sunblock! This is very, very important. The one I’m using at the moment is Biore UV Aqua Rich Whitening Essence. It’s also a Make-up primer.

  8. My face is prepped up for make-up, baby!

Before Bed

  1. I start by splashing my face with some warm water to open up my pores a bit.

  2. If I wore make-up that day, I massage my face with some Face Oil or a Make-up removing oil.

  3. After rinsing, I use a foaming net to bubble up Sekkisei’s Milky Face Wash. I lightly glaze the bubbles around my face.

  4. I rinse again. The previous steps are called the double cleansing rule! Washing your face twice. I didn’t know there was actually a name for it until I researched about it. But It’s a must I tell you! Especially if you wore makeup that day.

  5. I dry my face a bit with one piece of Facial Tissue. A face towel is a good alternative but I feel that it dries the face too much so lightly tapping with it is good (In my case).

  6. I pour some of Sekkisei’s Medicated Lotion on a cotton pad and softly dab it around my face.

  7. I continue by patting some of Yumei’s Anti-Puffiness & Dark Circles B-Tox Eye Treatment under my eye area with my ring finger.

  8. I secure everything by putting in Sekkisei’s Medicated Serum.

  9. If I’m feeling extra dry I also moisturize with Yumei’s Hydra-Retention Sleeping Cream Gel, but it’s the summer season so!

  10. Sliding in some of DHC’s Medicated Lip Balm (Tinkerbell Edition) around my lips~

* I sometimes put on a face mask after this. I also try to deep cleanse around once a week by using Cure’s Natural Aqua Gel when I can.

Bonus: Hair Routine

Since my hair is quite dry, I always need to give it some extra TLC. I found Lucido-L Japan Argan Rich Oil Hair Treatment Oil to be a nice remedy of this after showering, or before I put on Shima’s Seek Moisture Treatment Gel when I go out!

So that’s my beauty routine for you. Hope you got to learn some new tips! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions! I’m curious 💖



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