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Blood, Guts & Angel Cake

Trick or treat! In the name of the moon, I’ll punish u!


Today’s spoopy look is inspired by Sailor Moon! I think, if I was in the Sailor Moon AU this would be my persona 👻 I tried my best to make a spooky but cute look for this one~ although there’s some minor errors here and there, hope it’s still ok(人´∀`*)


Dress – Morph8ne Shoes – Nikkilipstick / Milk Club

Tights- Shibuya, Tokyo JAPAN Earrings – Harajuku, Tokyo JAPAN


Though I’m not really good at make-up, I tried my best mixing some yt beauty tutorials i’ve watched so far with whatever make-up look I had right now. Eyes – Too Faced Chocolate Bar Lipstick – MAC Falsies – Dolly Wink Crescent Moon – Art Paper (LOL) I used eyelash glue to stick everything up and it works!


These lovely lenses are sponsored by Pinky Paradise

Their halloween sale is ending on Oct 31st👻👻!! get 50% off when you enter the code “NaomiNikola50” at checkout✨


Thank you for reading, have a wonderful Halloween weekend! xoxo



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