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Campus Fancy Market + Kawaii Monster Cafe + Shibuya !

Visited another enchanting kawaii market on the first sunday of golden week 💘 What a fulfilling day! I got to do a lot of stuff with friends, made new ones and encountered super cool things along the way. Read more for the photo diary~

Campus Tokyo: Fancy Market

I’ve been so excited to come to Campus for quite some time now, and was happy to find the opportunity to do so! To think, this cute place was spawned 10 minutes away from my school!

This lovely neon sign was the first thing that greeted me when I went in!

Everyone was dressed super cutely(*>ω<*) I was so shy to make friends, but I somehow got to so I’m really proud of myself for this achievement 💘

Every detail of this room is amazing. The vibe it greets is superb. Guys, this is also a cafe and bar mind you!!

You go deeper and it’s as if you’re in this whole new kawaii realm.

The neon signs everywhere are killer 💘

 I also got to commission the artist 

BIZUKO EZAKI there!  He drew me with the mascot and i’m so happy 💦

Kawaii Monster Cafe

My dinner(*^^*) I went straight to dessert for this one. One of their golden week specials: Cereal Kitty Bowl! It’s so delicious you guys. It’s cotton candy on top with different kinds of cereal and creamy vanilla ice cream at the bottom. Maaaan my mouth just watered from typing this.

I wish I could experience working here someday tbh 💦

La Foret, Harajuku


After everything, we went to see our other friends for pool in Shibuya and we had once again, an amazing. encounter.

A Finn look-a-like! His real namer is Bo Johnson and he was very nice

Outfit Details

Jacket – Bubbles Top – Mon Lily Skirt – American Apparel

Choker – One Spo Tights – Milk Club Socks – Topshop Shoes – Spinns

That’s it for this post~ hope you liked them 🍑 Hope everyone had a nice holiday!

Thank you,


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