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Cloud’95 Beach ft. Blippo Surprise Kawaii Bag

So here I am, hosting a beach party with stuffed toys in my room ╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭ typical!

I’ll also be opening up Blippo’s newest product in their store called ‘Blippo Surprise Kawaii Bag’ ✨ Read more to find out what’s inside~

I believe that these bags are inspired by Fukubukuro lucky bags in Japan, and Blippo curated their own version of it with different kinds of kawaii stuff!

It’s filled with at least 15 kawaii goodies. The other difference between this and the normal Blippo Kawaii box is it doesn’t involve subscribing~


So much cute stuff !

I’ve always found tiny cute food super duper cute (*´д`*) Time to attach it to my schoolbag !

This also came along with it and made me a little hungry~

Hmm… is this Pikachu? (*ノωノ) so cute!

I love this pocket comb~ It came with a mirror too so it’s pretty cute, compact and convenient 💖

These pins are adorable ;-; I get a lot of compliments wearing them out!

♪ I wanna be, where the people are~ ♪

It is 45°c…

I really needed this !!!


I’ve received these two (above and below) before in one of their Kawaii Boxes as well! Still really like them and I can’t wait to use the Jewelry Seals again~

This Nemunetsu plushie!!

how cute ;-;

Sadly this Oreo Keychain’s rings kinda fell apart when I received it ;-;

Will use this for my perfume!

I’m hosting a giveaway for Blippo’s newest Surprise Kawaii bag too! If you’re loving what you see, you can try entering to get the chance to win a Surprise Kawaii Bag for free( ´∀`)!

Outfit Details

Leotard – The Virgins

Choker  – 490yen Shop

Bag – Neo Moon

Current Moods

Playing – Tekken 7

Listening to – Capsule, The Wombats, The Softies

Eating – Maple Syrup-filled Pancakes

Drinking – Lemon Tea

Once again, thanks Blippo for this kawaii pack! Get their newest Kawaii Surprise Bag here(*´▽`*♥

If you’re interested to win your own Kawaii Surprise Bag for free, I’m hosting a giveaway sponsored by Blippo! Enter the giveaway here » 

Hope you guys are having a nice summer so far~


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