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cotton candy heart

my heart is a cavity and i feel rotten~

3am thoughts

so this is what it means to be human:

love can mean differently to different people no matter what they say what they promise how much it means to you, can mean differently to the other person no matter how much you worked hard for it, how much you loved and believed life is ruthless and people can be ruthless with/without them meaning to be sometimes

and in a way it’s up to us on how we interpret it, if we want to give it meaning to us or not, and if we want to let go, accept & forgive, or not

and that’s what i realised on what it’s like to be human. that’s the harsh reality i tried to run away from.

Outfit Details

Inner Top – from Shimokitazawa, Harajuku Skirt – Topshop Outer – Mon Lily

Bag – Chanel Socks – Milk Club Shoes – Mon Lily Ponytail – Paris Kids, Harajuku

Photography: Charles Wong

Taken in Harajuku, Tokyo 2016


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