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Dearest Sweetheart,


「Dearest Sweetheart, 」A pastel pretty coordinate and my playlist inspired by love & sweetness (●´∀`●) Dressing up on Valentine’s day can’t get any sweeter~


Dearest Sweethearts,

Hello~ how’s everyone doing? っ ◕ ◡ ◕)っ~♡

Ah, Love is in the air! I could almost sense it as the chocolates are nearing to its sale real soon (jk lmao) ~ (○´3`)ノ

Nevertheless, I really do like the Valentine’s season because everything gets a little sweeter. With or without a date, I like dressing up for this sweet occasion. So here is my take on it!

image1 (1)

This lovely colorful bow is sponsored by Oh my bows 


Dress – Swankiss Shorts & Tights – Milk Club Shoes – Swankiss / Bobon21


loool꒰⌗´͈ ᵕ ॣ`͈⌗꒱


I’ll also be sharing a wonderful mixtape in this entry. Pretty love songs with a Valentine’s day feel! Ranging from sweet to sexy too(= ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°=) Nice to listen to when you want to get inspired or you just wanna cuddle up with that special someone~

Naomi’s 「Dearest Sweetheart」 Mixtape

(remember to pause the first music player first on the first part of this entry!)

On the lips – Frankie Cosmos Exploration no. 5 – Reese Lansangan Pure – The Lightning Seeds Love is Greed – Passion Pit Come with me – Echosmith Love Supreme – MilesExperience Constant Conversations – Passion Pit Baby I’m yours  – Arctic Monkeys Reckless Serenade – Arctic Monkeys Electric Feel – MGMT June – Oh, Flamingo! Because I do – Pearl and The Puppets Secret Love – Ulzzang Pistol feat. Yikii Linger – The Cranberries Magic – She’s only Sixteen Anyone else but you – The moldy peaches Kiss Me – The Cranberries First Day of my life – Bright Eyes Valentine Kiss – Utattemita Cuddle Fuddle – Passion Pit I wouldn’t mind – He is We Pretty Boy – M2M Give me flowers – Hope Yellow – Coldplay Just like Heaven – The Cure Lover’s Fire – Franco The Bakery – Arctic Monkeys

Do check them out! These are really lovely songs from amazing artists. I listen to all of these songs quite a lot, Valentine’s day or not♡


Hoping your Valentine’s would be filled with cuteness and sweets! Have a lovely day everybody(*´▽`*♥


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