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Distorted Desires, a P5-inspired OOTD

Ever wondered what'll Joker would be like if he became an instathot?jgnarlkn

Created an inspired look based on one of my favourite games in the world. You got it-- Persona 5 Read more for the look details!

Inner - Milk Club

Outer - My mum's closet

Skirt - Milk Club (Sold!)

Socks - Milk Club (By request)

Necklace - Faith Tokyo

Glasses - Milk Club

Shoes - Yosuke

Are you my phantom thief? Because I feel as if you stole my heart

My reaction playing Joker for the first time in smash is as cringy as it's gonna get lol

I love this game ok

I also wanna give a big shoutout to Futaba, my spirit animal!

I used to think my friends who played Persona would over exaggerate when they tell me I practically exist in that game until I met her. Her arc felt too eerily similar it scared me. From her personality traits, deep issues, position in life & history... I was just flabbergasted. Nowhere near of a genius as her, of course. But even on her simple traits like programming, would rather stay in the computer, a former shut in who just came out to the world as a shy and socially awkward but trying state.... it was all too relatable!

Hope you enjoyed my fanpost on my favourite game! What's yours?


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