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Dreamy Galaxy Jars DIY Tutorial


Let’s catch galaxies on our hands, all the stars and skies we could find with our very own nebula jars!

It’s easier than it looks, I promise. To top it off, the outcome is always unique and up to the maker’s imagination( ´ ▽ ` )



The skies, stars, planets and aliens have always amazed me. All the different colours they reflect, and all the mysteries we have yet to solve. Wouldn’t it be cool to catch one in a jar? If you’re as attracted to these wonders as I am, you might wanna read more on this tutorial: A simple, easy DIY tutorial on how to make your own nebula jar.

Initially, I’ve only tried this to give out to Nikolai for valentine’s day. We both share the same attraction to the galaxies and beyond, and so i’ve tried “catching” a part of that for him lmao(*/ω\*) However, when I posted it on Twitter the other day, I’ve received a good amount of feedback from you guys, and several requests to make this tutorial.

made this nebula jar for v day for my bf the other day(.› ₃ ‹.) — ♡ babydoll ♡ (@naominikola) February 13, 2016

and so — here it is! In this version, i’ve made it dreamier and pastelly because well, why not(*>ω<*) Of course, you can make it in whatever colours you please!


How to make your own nebula jar


What you need:

  1. Empty Jar

  2. 1-2+ colours/shades of Food Colouring (Dilute the colour with water in a small cup till you get the right colours you want)

  3. Cotton Balls

  4. Water

  5. Silver Glitter

  6. BBQ Sticks


This is optional, but you can bring out other colours of glitter as well!


始めましょう!♡ Let’s start! ♡



  1. First Victim: Cotton Balls

Start by pulling a cotton ball by stretching them out as much as you can. Do this until they are no longer round and stuffy. The more they look like realistic clouds the better.



  1. Adding the colour & sprinkling the stars

After placing in a bunch of cotton balls inside your jar, pour in your first colour until you’re satisfied.

Then, put in as much glitter as you please.


Tip: Place in more glitter to the sides of the jar by tilting the jar a bit and rolling it, as this will be the ones to show more.


So far so good(▰˘◡˘▰)



  1. Repeating the process

After you’re done with your first colour, repeat the process with the next one.


I did the steps and alternated it a bit as I wanted this colour to be much larger than the one before it.

I put in a bit of stretched cotton balls, added glitter, then poured in more colour. I put in a bit of cotton balls again, sprinkled some glitter, then poured in more so that I can monitor the consistency as to make sure I didn’t put too much of food colouring, cotton balls, etc.


Tip: As the clouds and sea of colours get more and more crowded inside the jar, this is when your BBQ sticks become helpful. You can use the stick to manipulate the placing of the clouds, colours and to help you sprinkle more stars in.


After having at least two colours in the jar, also try using your BBQ stick to push down a few cotton balls up or down as to make the colours a bit more blended and realistic.


Keep doing the same process in all your colours until your whole jar is filled( ´∀`)


and you’re done ~


Tada ~ (*゚▽゚*)


Your very own nebula in a jar ☄


It’ll look enchanting next your bed, shelf, study table, or anywhere in your room(人´∀`*)


This can also be a lovely present to give out to your friends and loved ones. Who wouldn’t want to be given a galaxy?


And that’s it(*^^*)! I hope this tutorial is able to help splurge out your imagination and love for all things galactic and beyond. Let me know if I missed anything, or if you have any suggestions, comments and feedbacks. I’d love to hear it!


Thank you so much for reading my first DIY tutorial(*/ω\*) have a wonderful day to you!

♡ ナオミニコラ


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