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Early Months of 2019 ❄

Keeping up with me during the early months of 2019 ❄️

You probably already know how much I enjoy keeping data of some events of my stories. I'm quite the forgetful cake you see, so tracking what I do helps me reflect, process and grasp these memories. This is one of the main reasons why I like writing them down. Nevertheless, It warms me up that there are people that enjoy these silly photo dumps anyways!

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy another late post from me


For the holidays, I headed back to Manila and visited my family & friends. It was really nice to finally be home after a long while. Did fun photoshoots with the most amazing people as well!

I left Manila with my chronic depression sinking in, though. Yeah, my 2019 started pretty weird. Happy new year to you, too

Still got to go out a bit and hang out with friends!

Made this random drawing for my portfolio's cover~

Random dump from my IG stories:

For my class's christmas party, we wilded out in Karaoke

Off to Manila I go~

i was feeling down, and one of my dearest childhood friends (@grocerise) came over to my house and made drunk food with me! She's amazing and I love her so much

Shot with my bbgirl Paula ? Always love doing cute shoots with her~ Will be posting the photos real soon, I promise!

My college bestie, Pat came to sleepover too!

love you <3


Happy Chinese New Year!


My side store, Milk Club's Chinese New Years Special ?

Dress - Milk Club

Socks - Milk Club

The highlight of my February was definitely seeing my favourite artist live. Mitski, my love(っ´ω`c) She sounded even more amazing in person, it was surreal.

Found a bunch of stuff from I hoarded Swimmer that's been collecting dust in my closet for over a year or two now (*/ω\*) Selling most of these here. Swimmer is discontinued now and I was heartbroken! I do need to let go of a lot of these however, since it's only just sitting here. I only have one of each!

It snowed a lil bit this year too (/。\) *:・゚♡

That shirt is from the Clairo concert I went a few days prior!

For this year's Valentine's Day, I made a special post on Valentines self-love that you can find here!


Top - Last Virgin

Skirt - Nadia


Shoes - Office Kiko

Belt - Gucci

You guys might remember Pauline from my stylezine and other entries ? (More like me dragging my dear friends to play kawaii dress up and picture taking sessions LMAO ANYWAY--) She came to Tokyo and we got to hang out and play about(* ´ ˘ ` *)♡

She's even wearing the Pink Sweater she bought from my local Manila side-shop, Milkyfinds

Did my nails for my upcoming 1st Year fashion show as well.

Random dump from my IG stories:

I began slowly unfolding from my depression and tried to move once more.

The cherry blossoms were starting to bloom about and strawberries were ubiquitous. Two of my ultimate beloved things other than sleeping.

Spring just started, and I'm in love all over again

Thank you for coming with me ? Hope you're all doing well!


On my following posts, I'll be sharing with you guys my 1st year's last fashion show designs!

stay tuned for that!


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