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Everyday Contraptions



Here’s a very much requested thingamabob I’ve been working on but keep forgetting to finish for a while now: Contraptions I carry with me on a daily basis. Or.. when I go out of my cave (which is rarely tbqh…💦)

On this entry, I’ll be showing you guys what frequently lives inside my bag~ Yes, it’s all very pink. Bear with me here. But if you’re massively into some cute stuff like me, then carry on~


This is my favourite bag💕 It’s actually my mum’s lol but I like using it a lot! She collects a good amount of luxury bags and are selling most of them now, you can check it out here.


Tada ✨🌸

So many pastels, so many pinks but hey that’s me c:

My bag consists of my phone, wallet, my “Kikay” kit, electronics kit, Pen, watch, instax & 3Ds.


On the cardholder of my phone case, I carry with me my Pasmo card every time I’m in Tokyo, so I could tap wherever, whenever I need to. I also carry inside my student ID.


This is my favourite wallet💕 It has an iridescent feel and in the colour lilac 😍 It was actually pretty expensive but the quality is really really good ;___; I don’t regret getting it at all!

Also, I tend to forget to put on my watch so I usually just put it in my bag for a bit and wear it once I’m already in the train or car~

I sometimes bring my trusty sailor moon pen with me too just in case I need to c:


Inside this certain bag are all these (and they’re quite essential!):

Ear phones, Power Bank, USB wire and such. I never leave without them. They have to be with me or else my phone will die and I will die lol ;___; (I use my phone for directions and Uber, too!)

I got this bag in Daiso, it’s a Little Twin Stars mini laundry bag lmao(´ω`) I like using it cus it’s very light and I don’t want to make my bag too heavy.


These gadgets are what I usually bring with me. Not all the time~ just when I think I need it, or if there’s a game I’m finishing(っ´ω`c)


My Beaut Kit 🌸

It consists of a lot of different contraptions, as you can see I have a thing for mini BeneFit stuff lmao. I like to keep my stuff light and smol, because I don’t like carrying heavy things. And I carry a lot of things! What I do is whenever I receive Sample bottles and such, that’s what I use to replenish my Beaut bag (´・ω・`)

Other things that are here are my lip products I usually use but they change frequently. But if you’re wondering, BeneFit’s Lolibalm & Canmake’s Day&UV Lip Serum are amazeballs. They keep my lips moisturised throughout the day! I also put in a casual eyeliner here, my Dolly Wink Brown eyeliner whenever I want to quickly do my eyes for the night.

Hm.. oh yes 💦! Hand Sanitiser/Alcohol Spray. These are quite handy so I bring them everywhere.

This cute sailor mini purse is from Swimmer in La Foret, Harajuku and it’s soo cute 😍

Also!! my “Kikay” kit needs a bit of an update too hehe so I’ll make a brand new post most likely early next year~

Pt. 2 is what’s inside that tiny purple bag which I also got from Swimmer for about 50 yen~

I’m always ready! Band-aids are a necessity. Spider Man, my man here to save my day 💕

These trinkets are quite small but a necessity for me. From the bobby pins, to solution, lenses case, ponytails and sometimes medicine pills… you never know when you’re gonna need them. And I tell you, you will thank yourself when you do!

Outfit Details

You can get these cutesy lenses from PinkyParadise* & Lens Flavors* 🎶

Jacket – Spinns Dress – One Spo Bag – Chanel Shoes – Sugarbaby

Watch – Cartier Bracelet – Shimokitazawa, Tokyo Teddy Bear Plush Chain – Thrifted Ponytails – Milk Club



Thank you for reading!

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