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From Harajuku with Love: Naomi x Japan Lover Me

One thing I’ve been dreaming about is to have my own authentic Sukajan (Souvenir Jacket).

I’ve been eyeing these babies for quite some time now. Each one has handmade embroidery stitched together forming into enchanting designs. Not to mention the fascinating history it’s been through. These are more badass than you think (´ε`*) There’s just something about these unique jackets that make me feel like I’m in a different world.

Here’s some of my personal favourites 💕 [1 | 2 | 3]

I’ll also be sharing you guys some coordinates I wore for Japan Lover Me’s exclusive collection. Their newest collection is a series of 3 beautifully designed Sukajan exclusively from Japan Lover Me(´∀`)♥ If you’d like to know more about Sukajan, check out this post here.

Style #1

A plaid mini skirt + your favourite pair of sneakers.

I topped it with the Hokusai Wave Nami Design Sukajan. I felt like I came straight from a cool anime scene wearing this.

From all of the Sukajan I wore in this collection, I was fond of this one the most (っ´ω`c) I loved the colour combinations here and how they even added some cherry blossoms to fit the whole picture.

Style #2 (Reversed)

Reversing the Sukajan, it transforms into the Oiran / Geisha Design A la Sakuran. Depending on your preference, you can have the jackets reversible (2 designs in one) or one-sided.

I also got to wear them with Japan Lover Me’s Tatami Sandals. They’re handmade Japanese sandals that are great for the summer 💕

Pink Tee + Simple Pleated Skirt

I think this look is best if you wanna be neo-girly, with extra edge~

Style #3

The Stay Weird Sukajan designed by Little Miss Paintbrush is simple, yet super cute! From all the designs, this is the most flexible to pair with anything for me~

Denim Jumpers + Velvet Loafers

Style #4

Statement Shirt + Shorts

There’s also a Souvenir Jacket Lookbook video done! Click the play button below if you wanna check it out:

I hope you like this post! I had so much fun collaborating with Japan Lover Me in this one. Don’t forget to check out their store here. It’s filled with a lot of cool stuff, straight from Japan (ノ・◡・)ノ🇯🇵

Don’t forget to use this exclusive code [ NAOMIXJLMSTORE ] for FREE SHIPPING on your orders 250USD and above  ✨ (Valid until 08/31/2017)

Thank you for reading,


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