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Haight Ashbury

If there was one thing that I’ve wanted to visit here in SF (aside from the Razer HQ lol💦) is this quaint street in Haight-Ashbury. It’s a bit funny to me, how Haight Street is historically known to revolutionise love and peace instead of war in its own way, and yet the street is literally pronounced as ‘Hate’. It’s pretty cool!

Welcome to Haight Street 🌻

Decided to take a selfie after buying this cute flower crown in one of the quaint shops here 💕

It was wonderful strolling around this part of the city. It made me remind a bit of Shimokitazawa and Koenji back in Tokyo, and Cubao Expo back in Manila!

I really wanted to get a cute baby pink bong tbh💦 But I don’t really smoke much lol and especially not much in MNL so I didn’t think it’ll be a good use for me..

waiting for my food ~

The buildings are so pretty and colorful(*^^*)

I love shopping at thrift stores tbh(*´▽`*♥ Although super vintage stores may be a bit too expensive for me… I love visiting them as I feel like I get a little bit of taste of how things were.

Outfit Details

Hoodie – Anti Social Social Club Skirt – American Apparel Tights – H&M Shoes – Unif Bag – WC Harajuku

This place was so lovely to visit. I spent the whole day strolling around this area and every store I’ve set my eyes on was a quite interesting one!

thank you for reading! x


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