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Hong Kong in November

A few random pictures through my phone I wanna dump over 🍑✨

Hello Hong Kong (´ω`★)!!

Somewhere in Central, HK

Occasionally, I follow my dad in his business trips in Hong Kong and have the opportunity to explore this wonderful place during my free time. I meet up with some of my friends, help out with my dad, but most of the time I tend to just shop! 💦 I’d get so tired that late at night I would moan and cry about not being able to control myself LOL like so:

Tried taking decent selfies despite being always sleep-deprived n hella stressed but it didn't rlly work out lmao I gave up — ♡ naomeow ♡ (@naominikola) October 28, 2016

Other selfies I took~

HK selfies the other day ✨🌸💭 — ♡ naomeow ♡ (@naominikola) October 29, 2016


First Day Breakfast 🍣 すしすしすしすしすしすしすしすしすし

Top & Pinafore – Topshop Socks – Milk Club Shoes – Topshop

Cap – Anti Social Social Club Glasses – Milk Club Bag – Chanel

I also took the opportunity to have my hair done when I got the chance to. My roots were dreadfully growing out and it wasn’t very nice anymore 💦

Tada ~

Inner Top – Shimokitazawa, Tokyo Outer Top – Bubbles Saw the City Skirt – Topshop

Socks – WEGO Shoes – Adidas

Have you guys ever visited Hong Kong? Let me know your thoughts!



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