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house party

current moods

playing – ffxv listening to – barnes blvd, jay som, grimes, seth bogart, AM eating – lucky charms drinking – strawberry boba tea

To help my mind a little bit, I attempted to do some traditional collage art this week! Here’s how they turned out:

My sources were quite limited that time but I guess that’s what made these even more fun for me 💦 The concepts we had to tackle were about feminism essentially, and the other work was supposed to be about us. The second piece is supposed to be 3-D but the scanner made it flat and a bit different looking ~

outfit details

inner top – my mum’s dress – happy monday* socks- wego shoes – nikki lipstick x yru

pom poms – milk club contacts – pinkyparadise* letters – 99c store sunglasses -candy stripper (flea market)




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