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July 2020 Tokyo Summer Adventures: Sanrio Powder Cafe & other looks <3

Harajuku's Sanrio Powder Cafe

I got to go to the Sanrio powder cafe the other day (人´∀`*)💗 It was such a fun experience! I didn’t really know what I was getting into, I thought we were only going to receive pre-made Sanrio art on a plate, but apparently, it was an interactive play where you get to make them by yourself (。◝‿◜。)!!

100% Dumb Bitch Juice with my gorls <3 Syrena & Mikan

More Harajuku outings...

Thank you Number 76 for always treating my hair & nails with TLC!

Some more random photodumps!

Some more outfit posts <3

thank you for reading!


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