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Kawaii Brand Spotlight: Tulipop + Giveaway!

What’s up cuties! Especially for the ones who are weak for kawaii merch like me, this one’s for you   💕 Featuring Tulipop, an Icelandic character based lifestyle brand. With a special giveaway up ahead!

“The magical world of Tulipop is inhabited by quirky and playful characters who appeal to all those who are young at heart.”

This adorable lifestyle brand showcases different characters with their very own personality and styles ✨

The lunch box set I got is Miss Maddy:

“Miss Maddy is classy, elegant and a softly-spoken adorable bear … when people are looking. The rest of the time she’s far more of a slob. However appearances are important to her: she works very hard not to let people see the real her. She is a big character, has a real attitude and is all sweetness and light until you cross her, then she is all thunder and storms.”

I also received the Mama Skully lamp and it looks too adorable!

“Mama Skully is the matriarch and oldest inhabitant of Tulipop. She is actually the creator of the island. When an undersea volcano erupted thousands of years ago, Mama Skully came up with the lava, ending up on Skull Rock.”

Mama Skully Led Lamp ($76.34 $95.42)

Last but not the least~ The Miss Maddy plush keychain 💞

Now, proceeding to the giveaway!


Collaborating with Tulipop, I present to you another giveaway just for you guys 💖 Get the chance to win this sweet Miss Maddy foodie set, chosen by yours truly~

What you’ll be receiving:

Win it here! All you have to do is follow the widget and you’re in 💘 Giveaway

Here’s the direct link if the widget doesn’t work:

The winner will be announced on the due date found on the widget 💖 If you have any questions, just let me know!

UPDATE: The winner has been announced! Congratulations to 💕✨I’ve already contacted you but if you haven’t received anything, please message me right away! Your new bento set awaits you <3 xoxo

Have fun and good luck sweet puddings  💕


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