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Kerokerokeroppi Cafe + Chinatown + Kawasaki Warehouse

Hello all~! This is gonna be one photo-heavy post(¬‿¬) I went to Yokohama and Kawaski, where I visited some really cool funky places!

On this entry I’ll be covering Kerokerokeroppi Cafe, a pop-up cafe held in Yokohama. We also strolled down Chinatown for a bit, and also got to visit the very spooky arcade in Kawasaki.

The day begins on a very late lunch/early dinner at the Kerokerokeroppi Cafe. We got a bit lost trying to find the place, but we eventually got there(っ´ω`c)💧

The atmosphere was full of cuteness and greens. It was a simple yet a cute set up for the pop-up cafe.

For drinks, I ordered tea. While my friends both got this really cute milky matcha drink!

Kero Kero Keroppi’s face here is soo cute! Look at this :> face. S A M E.

Cutie Caitie!


This was my meal for the day. It tasted as good as it looked (* ´ ˘ ` *)♡

For dessert, Larissa shared her super delicious Kakigōri. It was so sweet! Just the way I liked it(´ ▽`).。o♡

A post shared by 👾💉 Larissa Lapin 🐰✨ (@sugarycarnivore) on May 8, 2017 at 11:40pm PDT

After being full from the super cute meals, we headed down to Chinatown 🎶

These doggies modeling the clothes were so adorable ;~;

They were quite friendly too!

Next up, Kawasaki Warehouse! 👻

Even the area outside the building gave a spooky feeling. The setting was dark and quiet, while the only lights that emerged were from were the neon and street lights.

Would totally be down to come here again during Halloween 🎃

The doors opened by itself to reveal…. a parking lot LOL

I love everything about this place (´・ω・`) I felt like I was in a certain universe they created. A cyberpunk world maybe? Is it all the VA-11 HALL-A I was playing that I felt this way…..

Outfit Details

Dress – Milk Club Shoes – Topshop

Purikura time!

Hope you liked this post! It was such a fun and happy day. Have you guys ever been here? Would you want to? Let me know your comments, i’d love to read them!

Thank you,


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