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Kerokerokeroppi Cafe + Chinatown + Kawasaki Warehouse

Hello all~! This is gonna be one photo-heavy post(¬‿¬) I went to Yokohama and Kawaski, where I visited some really cool funky places!

On this entry I’ll be covering Kerokerokeroppi Cafe, a pop-up cafe held in Yokohama. We also strolled down Chinatown for a bit, and also got to visit the very spooky arcade in Kawasaki.

The day begins on a very late lunch/early dinner at the Kerokerokeroppi Cafe. We got a bit lost trying to find the place, but we eventually got there(っ´ω`c)💧

The atmosphere was full of cuteness and greens. It was a simple yet a cute set up for the pop-up cafe.

For drinks, I ordered tea. While my friends both got this really cute milky matcha drink!

Kero Kero Keroppi’s face here is soo cute! Look at this :> face. S A M E.

Cutie Caitie!


This was my meal for the day. It tasted as good as it looked (* ´ ˘ ` *)♡

For dessert, Larissa shared her super delicious Kakigōri. It was so sweet! Just the way I liked it(´ ▽`).。o♡

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KErO kEro KEROPPIIIIII 🐸💦🌷💕🐸💓 cafe~! Thank you Nao and Caitie for suffe– i mean traveling ~2 hours of getting lost and finding this hidden gem with me 😭💦 the matcha milk tea had matcha whip cream on it with keros face and the parfait was melon soda shaved ice 🍧 with fruit and tapioca balls 😩👌🏻👌🏻 Everything was so flavorful and well thought out ;__;; next stop is Kiki Lala Cafe! ✨

A post shared by 👾💉 Larissa Lapin 🐰✨ (@sugarycarnivore) on May 8, 2017 at 11:40pm PDT

After being full from the super cute meals, we headed down to Chinatown 🎶

These doggies modeling the clothes were so adorable ;~;

They were quite friendly too!

Next up, Kawasaki Warehouse! 👻

Even the area outside the building gave a spooky feeling. The setting was dark and quiet, while the only lights that emerged were from were the neon and street lights.

The doors opened by itself to reveal…. a parking lot LOL

I love everything about this place (´・ω・`) I felt like I was in a certain universe they created. A cyberpunk world maybe? Is it all the VA-11 HALL-A I was playing that I felt this way…..

Outfit Details

Dress – Milk Club Shoes – Topshop

Purikura time!

Hope you liked this post! It was such a fun and happy day. Have you guys ever been here? Would you want to? Let me know your comments, i’d love to read them!

Thank you,

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