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my birthday party adventures last june this year 🎂🦋

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short hair summer*~!

Hit the campus toy bar with my friends Armaine and Geo

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Top – Barrack Room

Shorts – Last Virgin

Choker – One Spo

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Colin & Camila tagged along later on when we went to Iron Fairies at Ginza 🧚‍♀️

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The next day, I spent my birthday with some of my classmates. We went to my fave alcoholic ice cream bar downtown ♡

Top – Nadia

Belt – Milk Club

Skirt – Acne

Shoes – Office Kiko

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ur gemini baby spent her bday🎂 (getting 💯turnt 🤪😩 with ice cream n friends *~ 🍸🍦🍸✨ i always like visiting this ice cream bar bc you can also choose all sorts of syrups with the kind of alcohol you want! it tastes super sweet n good too so 💞🍻 ♡ ♡ ♡ also wanna say thank u to everyone who greeted me hbd!! i’m really thankful that i’m surrounded by the sweetest and most supportive cuties around (u✨✨). specially thankful to my friends who believe in me so much, i love u guys with my whole soul 💗 birthdays are usually a weird time of the year for me but i try to make things special for myself and my friends somehow to keep me cheered up. seeing my friends happy makes me happier 💗🍦 love all of u guys to the moon and back ♡🌙💫 @milks_ebisu ありがとうございました♡

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A post shared by 𝙉𝓪𝖔m̶ḯ̷̢ͅ ♡ (@naomeoww) on Jun 23, 2019 at 9:15pm PDT

It’s funny because I never feel like I’m my age. I always feel like I’m either 40 or 5. There is no in between!


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