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Naomi Nikola x Kawaii Box: Another uwu giveaway

Even if it's just small, I want to share some positivity during these worrisome and lonely times. Here to give you another giveaway sponsored by Kawaii box. Read more to see this time's review, including a sponsored giveaway just for you guys!

I love last month's Kawaii Box! It might be my favourite one so far.It's very me!!

I love love love these lil twin plushies!!! The side is magnetic so you can separate them, but it's as if like they're meant to be 2gether (/。\) *:・゚♡ perfect to match with your BFF or partner.

Added the cute stickers included in the box and used it as hair and face accessories!!

I love these magical princess types of stickers.

I've also been meaning to buy a medicine box for a while now. And this is perfect! As someone who has really really reaaaally bad memory, this will help for sure LMAO

I love how the heart candy says "Cheer Up" ? Think this is what I needed with all the sad news that's going about right now.

Cute pens ♡

Top is sponsored by Dollskill ♡

As always, Kawaii Box is kind enough to sponsor a giveaway so you guys can get the chance to receive a kawaii box too!!

If you want to take that chance, you can enter here: Naomi Nikola Kawaii Box Giveaway

If the widget doesn't work for you, please click here to go to the direct link!

You can keep adding entries every single day! Bookmark this page or simply type in ✨

That's it! I hope you guys enjoy this giveaway and will cheer you up a bit during these worrisome times.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below! I'll answer them as fast as I can. Thank you for reading and good luck!! x


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