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New Year’s Eve at Santa Monica

I was thrilled to find out that my family decided to visit Santa Monica for the New Year’s (o^^o) It’s been so long, I remember strolling here at 14 with my heart soaring high and laughter so loud my lungs heaved. Everything feels so far away now, but being here again makes me remember those silly times again 🌹


We decided to go skating first!

The decorations were simple yet whimsical to me.

I loved ice skating as a little girl. Perhaps the cause was it was a bit ironic, knowing in my very own hot country, there’s a big room with frosty air and a pool of ice on the ground. I don’t know why gliding through the icy floors made me so happy! But it did (^ ^)Here I am,m trying it out again! This time, it’s outdoors so the cool air surrounding me felt a little different. Nostalgic, yes, and fresh too.

My brother wanted to do a dab picture LOL he is the cutest (✿◠‿◠)

After the ice, we walked to Santa Monica Pier, which was just 10 minutes away.

The walk was after the rain, and super chilly than ever!

Hello! 久しぶりだなぁ♡ Long time no see♡

Had our last dinner of the year at Bubba Gump!

My fingers were so numb from the cold, but I was too stirred to care(*^^*)

This arcade gave me the most nostalgia! I enjoyed visiting arcades as a little girl, and still do now.

Oh man. I missed all of these. I wish I had more time to play all of them again.

My brother wanted to challenge me with Guitar Hero! Little did he know this was my game at his age 😹

Yup, still got it (。´∀`)ノ

One of the rides I missed the most!

Outfit Details

Inner Top – Topshop Dress – RoseMarie seoir Coat – Thrifted, Koenji Japan Tights – H&M Shoes – Topshop Bag – Thrifted, Childhood Bag

I hope I get to visit this place soon again💘

Thank you for reading,


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