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November 2019 Highlights

Photo dump of my 2019 shenanigans: Bladee Concert, New cat robot, dessert dates & more ✨


I visited the new Shibuya PARCO for the first time and wore this outfit above ^

I got to see mewtwo in person!! 🥺

Also got new kuromi merch ♡ My first Kuromi plushie fits my personality so well 😂

What I wore for the AKIRA Art of Wall x nana-nana Collaboration Launch Party ft. Bladee and other artists I liked!!

Had a parfait date with a friend in this cozy neighbourhood in the outskirts of Tokyo~

Super saiyan 2 gohan action GIF on GIFER - by Garad

Other random photos!

november 2019 video diary ♡ #tokyolife #kawaii


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