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November ~ December 2018 Photodump

A dump of photos of my life in Tokyo during November to December 2018. Featuring the Little Twin Stars Pop-up cafe, Tokidoki photoshoot, a Harajuku coordinate & more

Little Twin Stars Pop up Cafe

Did I ever mention that the Little Twin Stars are my ultimate favourite Sanrio Characters? ?Kiki and Lala are so precious!

I went with my dear friend Umi ?We always had each other's backs when I worked at the Maid Cafe before

Afterwards we hit the arcade!

After food and playing games, we ended up drinking out and chilling ✨

Tokidoki Collab Shoot

Had so much fun working with iconic brand Tokidoki ?They were such a big part of my childhood!

Tweet/IG Highlights

Harajuku OOTD

Top - Kinji Clothing (Thrifted)

Skirt - Milkgirlstore*

Shoes - Office Kiko

Coat - Koenji (Thrifted)

Choker - Houseofchokers*

Bag - Chanel


thank you for reading x


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