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Oh so Dreamy, at Kamakura City


How’s it going sweets?

Today I’ll be taking you on a summer adventure at Kamakura, Japan. A beautiful old city found in the seaside area of Kanagawa prefecture. Here I found enchanting forests, shrines, food and lots more cool stuff.

Purify your hands and mouth firstly before entering these shrines/temples! It’s a form of ceremonial purification rite as to cleanse yourself before entering a spiritual place.

For our first stop, we greeted the Great Buddha of Kamakura. This Buddhist Temple is called Kōtoku-in, one of the most known places here.

Matcha + Milk soft cream 🎶🍦

For some of you guys who caught glimpses from my Snaps/IG Stories that day, you’d know how tired I just got when these pictures were taken(*≧▽≦)ノシ Those stairs man. My greatest enemy.

Oh~ Alice in wonderland feels~

^ yup LOL

Shared some Matcha, Warabi Mochi & Hot Tea with my friends. Everything tasted amazing.

Kokomae Station: For the Slam Dunk fans, cue the ending song! 🎶

Outfit Details


Shoes – Asics

Top – Brandy Melville

Shorts – American Apparel

Never too young~

Heading to Enoshima Island!

That’s it for you, Kamakura. Will visit you again in the near future! xx

Thank you for reading everyone~



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