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Pink Holiday: A Barbie-themed Cafe in Japan


Last month, I ventured to this Barbie themed cafe with Mikan & Yu Yu 💞 The cafe resides in Yokohama, Japan and it’s definitely the pinkest cafe I’ve ever been to (´ㅅ` )

Read more to see how our day went!

We decided to meet at Shibuya’s Hachiko Gate. And yes, this is what greeted me when I exited the station.

The most adorable cat (aside from Leo), sleeping right under Hachiko. I was in awe (๑´ロ`๑)!

THERE'S A SLEEPING CAT UNDER HACHIKO AND IT'S THE CUTEST THING EVER 😭💖💖💖 — ♡ naomi ♡ (@naominikola) October 9, 2017

After meeting everyone, we headed to the new Purikura spot in 109 and took cute pictures! 💘

had fun with these girls today💕🌈❣️will blog about the barbie pink holiday cafe soon✨🌹 — ♡ naomi ♡ (@naominikola) October 9, 2017

A post shared by Naomi Nikola💘 (@naomeoww) on Oct 10, 2017 at 11:08pm PDT

Top – WC Harajuku

Skirt – Thrifted

Socks – Milk Club

Choker – Erielinestyle

Belt – 100yen shop

And now~ for the cafe!

This cute little cafe resides in Yokohama and wasn’t crowded at all. We were greeted by so many different kinds of Barbie dolls.

I used to play with Barbie dolls all the time, but wasn’t able to afford the really cool kinds. I remember only dreaming about all these Barbie accessories as a kid, and how much I wanted them(;*△*;)

Our food is ready! and quite pink as well 💖

Me & Mikan ordered the same Chicken Pink Curry meal, and Yuyu got Pink Carbonara.  

Don’t be fooled though! The meals tasted delicious nevertheless.

Pink Fondue with mini ice cream puffs!

Also!! since it was Mikan’s Birthday, we ordered these colorful mini cupcakes to celebrate 🎂🎉

Maaaaan. I wish my bathroom was this glamorous. 

So that’s all my pictures from that day. I hope you like them( ´∀`)!

thank you for reading,


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