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post-apocalyptic magical girl

presenting my textures study project today!

the concept: Post-Apocalyptic magical girl 💖

What’s up magical girls!

Here’s to my first major project of the year(´ω`★) This was done around July-September of 2018. Time flies way too fast–

In this study, we focused on textures and creating our own. We had a limited amount of time, and were free too choose whatever our hearts desired and find a way to recreate them as textures. That’s right, anything. I took that as a sweet challenge and used whatever I had at home. Everything had to be clear or white since the focus were specifically on textures that we’ll be putting in a modern, classic sweater we’ll be making.

In the end, I found my way to making the concept “Post-Apocalyptic Magical Girl“. Something that lies deep within my dreams. My curiosity for this subject drove me to be excited about the result I’ll end up with. Not your average fluffy magical princess, but what happens after the war, after the ruins and all. This really pushed me to envision that fantasy world in my head.

My Design Process Summary

We were required to make 4 different fabric swatches of our custom textures. Try to piece it together on which+where it looks best on our sweater design.

Some of the ingredients I used for the texture were ribbon scraps, fabric scraps, tiny toys I painted in white, plastic ropes, cable cord cover & a mirror.

Swatch #1: Kawaii Vomit

Mixing different kinds of frilly fabric and aurora cellophane paper to create a flowery, 3-D look. Scrunched and gathered fabric, hand-sewn

Swatch #2: You Are Loved

Using a small mirror as the main point, cutting out a heart on the base fabric and put it over. Sewn a ribbon on the edge of the heart for emphasis. Pasted different kinds of beads around with fabric glue to depict messiness.

Swatch #3: Truly Alone

Using  plastic rope and sewn around to create text forming “Truly Alone”

Swatch 4: My favourite things

Used small trinkets and placed organza over the fabric. Sewn like a criss-cross pattern, quilt inspired.

Used Swatch 4 for the whole back piece!

I combined swatch #1 and swatch #2 for the shoulder and chest area ♬


Honestly wanted to put all the different fabrics! But sadly I had limited time. Despite it all, I’m still pretty satisfied by how it turned out in the end!

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A post shared by 𝙉𝓪𝖔m̶ḯ̷̢ͅ ♡ (@naomeoww) on Oct 6, 2018 at 8:52am PDT

Really happy to have learned so much! Just finished first year last month and I can’t wait to share that post!

Remember to allow yourself to feel proud and deserving of catching your dreams. Allow yourself to feel that you can do it. Be braver, nothing will start if you won’t. These dreams of yours are reachable. Stop trying to find loopholes and allow yourself to feel worthy of your own happiness. Take control of that and-

Just let yourself, be.

Here’s to growth. Til my next post magical girls!


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