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Q-Pot’s Sailor Moon Cafe

For love and justice, I am the pretty sailor-suited soldier Sailor Moon!


In the name of the moon, I will punish you!


Last August I was able to visit Q-Pot Cafe in Omotesando. They held another Sailor Moon themed cafe for a short time and I was happy to visit one!

These biscuits tasted delicious! I got one for myself as well.

My friend got the Twinkle Parfait whilst I got the Silver Crystal Tart Plate. 

The Kaleido Moon Soda~

All in all, the food was alright. Although I thought it was a bit too pricey for such a small serving of food. I understand that you’re also paying for the theme/fantasy of the whole cafe, however I wish that they made the quality of the food more special so that it’ll feel more worthwhile.

The free plate and mug was beautiful though 💖 I use it almost everyday 👼🏻

After the Sailor Moon treat, we went to Harajuku take some Purikura! 💞

Thank you for reading!


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