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Q-Pot x Sailor Moon Party in July

Was invited to the Q-pot sailor moon private party last July ♡ Here's some highlight photos~

Bumped into Vina & Sophie!

This is the first time I met Aless and we clicked ♡ She's such a sweet cutie. Our gemini energy was so strong, I'm so happy to have such made such a wonderful friend ♡

I had so much fun that day ♡ I've been so busy during this time because I was doing preparations for my first exhibit, but I had no regrets making time to see my friends and eat these yummy sweets ♡

Took selfies before coming to the party ♡ I really loved what I was wearing that day but it's such a shame I didn't get to post an outfit photo ;;;

The Sailor Moon collab is probably over by now, but I still recommend this cafe. They have event collabs once in a while and even if it might be too expensive for me , I still think it might be an experience to try it out either way~ ^-^

thank you for reading ♡


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