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Sanrio Puroland with Chirikku & Mikan 🌸💞

Back in Sanrio Puroland!! Complete with my girls Henrikke (Chirikku) & Vina (Mikan) 💞Keep scrolling!

programmed to give u a toothache🦷🌸✨ — ♡ naomi ♡ (@naominikola) April 12, 2019

Ah, back to the pink palace again 💒I feel like home!

The last two times I came here was from Hello Kitty’s (super wild, yet exciting) Halloween Birthday Bash back in 2017. It was probably the best public party event I’ve ever been to.

The other time was on my birthday, and it was my first time visiting as well 💞( ´ ▽ ` ) Oh man, it feels like it’s so far from me now and yet I feel like it just happened! Time is a weird concept, dude.

At the Lady Kitty House 💞What a girl boss this kitty is. She’s cute, and powerful 😭

We were super hungry so the first thing we actually did was grab some brunch!

I got My Melody’s Pink Curry,

Henrikke, of course, got the Cinnamoroll Curry (above). Her favourite Sanrio Character!

and Vina got the Hello Kitty Curry. Honestly that time it looked super good I ever so slightly wished I got hers instead!

Back to my home. What’s the tea sis? ☕️

Now if you guys have been following me for a while, you might remember that my ultimate favourite Sanrio Character duo is Kiki & Lala, also known as Little Twin Stars outside of Japan! ✨

No shame I was so excited visiting their world all over again 🌟

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Outfit Details

Dress – Nile Perch

Outer Dress – Milk Club (sold out)

Socks – Bubbles Tokyo

Shoes – Mon Lily

Wig – Youvimi*


I love giraffes so much they are too adorable

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hey its ur uber driver…. am outside


Off to Gudetama realm!

Never been to Gudetama’s world yet so this is a first for me!

Tamago Sushi is my favourite!

Gudetama’s world is fairly new and everything is really amusing. There’s games you can play and a lot of interactive spots.

squad is back at it again 💖

sadly we didn’t get to make it in time at this cafe this time ;-;

Love this piece!

Got this as a souvenir! Been wanting to make more sanrio nametags so I’m really happy with what I got 💞

Thank you so much for coming along with me 💞

Vina made a vlog post about is as well, so be sure to check it out for some smiles and laughs!

thank you x


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