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Today’s Lunch ✧

little twin stars bento

My old Hello Kitty bento box I had back in High School finally gave up on me💦 It was a real downer because I had that cute thing throughout my whole high school life. Ah, oh well.

Amidst my blues for the loss of my lunch set (r.i.p. lmao), I was checking out a Sanrio shop nearby my place and.. this cute Little Twin Stars set just caught the twinkle of my eye. I just had to get it(#/。\#) These two are actually my all-time favourite from Sanrio so it was perfect. I just adore everything about them– the dreamy colours they represent, the theme, to Kiki & Lala themselves!

Yes~ almost all of my crap has to be really cute. I’m a sucker for aesthetically adorable things — Sanrio or not. In High School, I was sometimes called the “Hello Kitty Girl” for all my stuff. Apparently my Sanrio school supplies, pastel accessories to my HK bento boxes seemed a little “out of this world” for them(▰˘◡˘▰) Insult or not, I embraced it. There’s so much more to it than this, if only they knew.

Even till now, a college student and I haven’t changed one bit. There’s just something super magical about these whimsical trinkets, you know?

little twin stars bento set

Tada~ ☆ My first lunch from this cute box. Mixed simple things together because I was rushing to get to school again lmao.

Sliced Fuji Apples & simple Onigiri tuna rolls. Yum! Bow Sponsored by Oh My Bows


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