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Tokyo Diary: Estherlovesyou, Pink Rose Window, Kawaii Monster Birthday Dinner


For my *~birthday-eve*~, I decided to treat myself to some sweet stuff around Tokyo!

Getting a hair makeover, visiting one of my favourite artist’s exhibition, and celebrating the night at Harajuku’s Kawaii Monster Cafe.

Pink Rose Window

Pink Rose Window is owned by the lovely KAI. He also does amazing nail art!

I also have a hair tutorial on how to achieve this colour, check it out here.

Calm & Punk Gallery: Estherlovesyou, Esther Kim Solo Exhibition

Esther Kim is one of my loved artists that I found through Instagram. She’s also one of my role models. I aspire to be like her! She has also collaborated with some of my favourite stores like Chuu and WC.

Top – WC Harajuku

Inner Top – Harajuku

Skirt – Vannie Tokyo

Shoes – Question Mark, Harajuku

Bag – Hoyajuku

Kawaii Monster Cafe Birthday Dinner

She’s so graceful and sexy at the same time (#/。\#) Goals tbh

Got Pina Colada with my friend Armaine. I love how Japan’s alcoholic drinks can get so creative and cute. It’s always a pleasure! 😍

Thank you for reading!


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