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Tokyo Fashion Tech Week 2019

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A photo diary of the fashion show with The Comm at Fashion Tech Week / Tokyo Love Hotels in Shibuya 💜

tb to FTW Tokyo where I modelled my designs in Shibuya🥺💜 A rlly fun xp being surrounded by likeminded creatives👉🏻👈🏻#tokyofashion #kawaiifashion

Last October, I was asked by The COMM to model for them in their upcoming event in Fashion Tech Week 💜 I got to dress up in my own designs!

It was such an amazing experience being able to walk down the runway and seeing people in awe with your work(´;ω;`) I honestly can’t explain the feeling ♡

I modeled the Tailored Jacket I just made for school. This jacket was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever worked on in my entire life ಥ⌣ಥ I have so much respect for fashion designers now more than ever, especially having gone through the same things. Imagine having to do this with way more complex garments! Maybe someday…

This skirt I designed was featured in my exhibit last August 2019 as well ♡ You can check out my exhibit post here ♡

modelled my designs today ♡ thank you @thecommonline for having me model for your show 💖 it was a lot of fun and everyone had their own super cute style 🌈 — 𝙉𝓪𝖔m̶ḯ̷̢ͅ ੈ♡ (@naominikola) October 20, 2019

Being surrounded by such creative and fashionable friends & individuals was really something 🥺💜

Look at all these cute girls and their unique styles!!

The COMM fashion show ♥️ Choom @choomonline PIO @ tabesugita Sierra @ frokyo Naomi @naominikola Aochan @aochanp Kure-chan @ kurebayashiii — The COMM (@thecommonline) October 20, 2019

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Thank you so much for reading ♡


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