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Tokyo in May 2019: Roppongi Art Night, Harajuku Sweets, Spirited Away Exhibit++

My adventures during the month of May this year. Featuring Roppongi Art Night, Cookietime, the Spirited Away Exhibit & more!

Playing late night arcade games with friends is always fun

Roppongi Art Night

Had an enchanting time visiting the mori art museum during May! Got in time with Roppongi Art night too so the museum was open all night long*~

I wish I can turn smaller so I can see this up close!

This one glows in the dark!

My favourite installation from the night, Artificial Lover & True Love, tells a story about a grotesque love between a human and an AI. I wish I took more photos because a whole room full of trinkets!

Jacket - Designed by Me

Inner - Barrack Room

Top - Brandy Melville

Belt - Gucci

Skirt - Nadia

Socks - WC

Shoes - Office Kiko

Brought my friends along to one of my favourite sweets bar in Harajuku ♡ Thank you Cookie Time for taking care of us well!

Studio Ghibli Exhibition at Kanda Shrine

Happy that I got to catch the Toshio Suzuki and Studio Ghibli Exhibition / 鈴木敏夫とジブリ展. There were a variety of pieces from my favourite film, Spirited Away that I wanted to see IRL!

Afterwards, I got to try their delicious Udon, and!!! Their special limited edition Spirited Away sweets set. The cute Soot Sprites ;-; aaaaaaa

The Japanese sweets together with the matcha tasted wonderful. ご馳走さま でした!

My Ghibli Haul

Afterwards I got big sleepy

Top - Thrifted

Belt - Thrifted

Skirt - Nadia

Bag - Last Virgin

Ring - Milajki*


Thank you for reading x


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