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Trick or Treat! @ All C’s Cafe

Got to visit Koenji again! This time I went to this super spoopy cafe around the neighbourhood. It’s called All C’s cafe, a cozy cafe filled with pretty sweets and lots of teddies to snuggle with 💞

It was a rainy day ☔️

That didn’t stop my halloween spirit though.

They decorated for Halloween so nicely 👻

I went with Mikan and we ended up fighting over the sugar daddy bears LOL

We named this teddy bear ‘Ben’ and we basically fell head over heels for him

We got the same food! Strawberry Frankenstein Milkshakes and some delicious beef curry.

Halloween Specials 🎃🌙

Everything was delicious. That or I was just super duper hungry.

Probably the first one tbh 🐱

All C’s Cafe Tokyo, Suginami, Koenjikita, 3 Chome−25−24, 三宅ビル2F

Happy halloween everyone 👻🎃


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