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Wisteria Faerie

Hopped out of Tokyo recently and visited Ashikaga Flower Park again with two of my friends (* ´ ˘ ` *)♡ This time I finally got to catch the Wisteria flowers bloom enchantingly!

Two years ago, I got to write about this enchanting garden as well. It was already summer that time so the flowers I encountered were a bit different.

One of my favourite down-to-earth feelings is the one I get when I look around and find the sun peaking through some trees or flowers. I wonder if other people share the same warm feelings as this!

Outfit Details

Top – Spinns Skirt – Liz Lisa

Socks – Daiso Shoes – Juju Jellies

Wisteria Ice Cream !!! (*ノ▽ノ)

It was so delicious you guys (*´﹃`*)

Me and Armaine, in our natural form LOL


I am the wisteria faerie~ protector of all purple flowers! *~

Hydrangea season is coming up soon and I’m v excited

stay strong, stay brave*~

Thank you for reading angels,


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