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Zao Onsen + Zao Kitsune Mura (Zao Fox Village)

Come and have an adventure with me to a pretty fantasy world, 4-5 hours away from Tokyo. If you’re interested in cute foxes, pretty scenery, traditional Japanese settings then you’d love these places.

A golden week vacation in Yamagata’s Zao Onsen & Miyagi’s Kitsune Mura.

It was already early May and summer was right by around the corner. Nevertheless, I was itching to dip in some hot springs again! I knew my parents would love this as well, they’re a bit workaholics you see, so they need this more than I do! They’re always so stressed and working about. So I took them up the mountains, in the quiet village of Zao Onsen.

Getting there was a bit of a maze but we managed to eventually. I don’t regret anything! The food was madly delicious, it was something unforgettable.

We rode a cable cart to go all the way up!

The place was deserted since there’s nothing much to see at the time we went. The snow has already melted to go skiing, but the temperature was still quite low.

My pretty mum & my cute little brother!

The village was small, but beautiful. Despite the cool weather it had this homey, warm vibe.

A shop that intrigued me. The old lady handling the store was very kind and sweet! 💜

We stumbled upon this area which really gave me those spirited away vibes 🏯

We’re going much higher up since we planned to go to this pretty onsen in the mountains.

So happy got to see some of these cherry blossom babies!

We made it just in time!! You’re not allowed to take photos inside, but here’s  photos I found on google if you’re curious:

The hot springs were amazing. The hike up to the place was all worth it.

Day 2: Kitsune Mura / Fox Village

We ventured to the Fox Village the next day.

I’ve been wanting to go to the fox village for as long as I can remember now. It’s a dream to finally be able to come visit!

The foxes were so beautiful and looked like they were at peace.

Some of the babies were a little curious with my bag (* ´ ˘ ` *)♡

sleepy foxes

They even had other cute animals too! I do hope they’re happy in there(#/。\#) They get quite the attention and seem very 元気 (happy ) when someone offers them their food.

BEST!!! GOATS!!!!!

i love u ;-;

hope you enjoyed this trip with me,


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